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crossfit for the twin cities sober community

Freedom Feast

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Wyld Joy Coaching Delivers Results

  • clarity and ease in making personal & professional decisions

  • peak performance in fitness & health goals

  • radical presence and productivity in your work 

  • authentic personal relationships

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Meet Nick, Coach & Founder

It is with a gracious heart I welcome you to Wyld Joy.  I truly believe in the power and connection of story.  And that’s what I want to share with you now:  the story of my journey and how it has inspired me to share this work with the world.  

It all began running sprints and eating like a caveman when I was in drug and alcohol treatment, back in the Spring of 2011. I didn’t know then that the choices I was making to move my body, eat healthily and develop the practices of breathing and meditation, would lead me down the path of sharing this lifestyle with others. All I knew was that somehow, someway, making these choices would contribute to my sobriety and overall sense of well-being and aliveness.  

Since then, I've traveled the world learning how to cook and eat well, practiced creative ways to move my body, from CrossFit to tennis to yoga, and sought out the guidance of experts and mentors in the pursuit of discovering and living fully out of my purpose.

It is my great hope that the discoveries I’ve made, and continue to make in my journey, will contribute to your own. I humbly and gratefully welcome you to Wyld Joy.


What is Wyld Joy?

Wyld Joy is a life-performance based coaching organization offering guidance for personal long-term fulfillment and physical well-being. The Wyld Joy Coaching Model™ was developed to assist individuals in living purpose-filled lives, pursuing mastery and joy in their relationships, health and life contributions.


VISION:  Cultivate a daring community of men, devoted to the mastery of the warrior, visionary, healer and teacher within


MISSION:  guide men to claim the power within their hearts


wyld joy VALUES

Belonging, unconditional acceptance

Telling our truth without blame or judgment

Showing up and choosing to be present

Paying attention to what has heart and meaning

Staying open to outcome, but not attached to outcome

Passion for learning / curiosity

Listening closely


Nick’s leadership, commitment, hospitality, and energy were components that helped make Freedom Feast special. The food and environment made each session feel like a holiday. I have a special connection to all the participants given our shared experience. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to be a part of such groups and to being a Freedom Feast advocate.
— Griffin M.