It all began running sprints and eating like a caveman when I was in treatment, back in the Spring of 2011. I didn’t know then that the choices I was making to move my body, eat healthily and develop the practices of breathing and meditation, would lead me down the path of sharing this lifestyle with others. All I knew was that somehow, someway, making these choices would contribute to my sobriety and overall sense of well-being and aliveness.  


Since then, I've traveled the world learning how to cook and eat well, practiced creative ways to move my body, from CrossFit to tennis to yoga, and sought out the guidance of experts and mentors in the pursuit of living fully out of my purpose. 

It is my great hope that the discoveries I’ve made, and continue to make in my journey, will contribute to your own. I humbly and gratefully welcome you to Wyld Joy. Why the name Wyld Joy? Wyld, because I’ve discovered it has been essential to play the edge of learning; taking risks so that I can grow. Joy, for me, is not about getting to do what I want, whenever I want. It is about a journey of discipline and practice. Together, Wyld Joy means to live a creative life of freedom. 

It is with a kind and open heart I invite you to explore how we can contribute to the aliveness of one another.  

Lets share our stories.  Connect with me here.

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