Patrick O'Brien

On this episode, is Patrick O’Brien.  Patrick’s purpose is this: “to help create joy, harmony and beauty through relationships.”  He has pursued this purpose by practicing the art and science of organizational development, as well as by working as a facilitative leader, first in his own business ventures, and then in all sectors private, public, and nonprofit.

His claimed greatest skill is active listening, which when applied, opens the way to creative and collaborative communication.  With creative communication as a commitment, as well as the tools to help leaders in creating alignment behind a vision, my career has been very rewarding.  Patrick’s list of rewarding clients include, General Mills, REI, Alma Hospitality Group, and Cooks of Crocus Hill.

Patrick fulfills his purpose in his personal life by spending precious and value time at beautiful lake home he built with his lovely wife, Diana.  There they spend time making art, music, doing yoga, gardening, harvesting the fruits of their gardening, and dancing. He lives a very rich life and fills it up even more when he takes his grandchildren fishing.