Tully O'Connor

On this episode, is Tully O’Connor. Tully is the founder of The Conscious Locker Room (an online collaborative ecosystem designed to help men thrive in all areas of life)  and Co-creator at Living in Love (a coaching and mentoring program for couples done with his fiance, Kat).

These two pursuits reflect Tully’s deep passion for helping people live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. He started working as a Physiotherapist in 2011 and has since delved deep into understanding everything that affects people’s wellbeing. After investing countless hours exploring the areas of human movement, nutrition, mindset, leadership development and peak performance, he found himself exploring the importance of emotional wellbeing and how our unconscious emotional patterns drive our behaviour and therefore have a profound influence on our wellbeing.   

I was introduced to Tully through “Living in Love”.  My girlfriend and I signed up for the five week online course and found it to be one of the best choices and actions we have taken as a couple.  In this course we dove in deep in telling our story about love and relationships. We also learned to harness the power and harmonize our masculine and feminine energies shared with our partner.   Tully has a gift in creating and holding space for listening and speaking about complex intimate issues with ease, clarity and humour. Especially with men. Especially done virtually.