Facing Fear

Digging deep into understanding more about myself.  Self-examination, meditation and prayer, when in flow with one another, is an unshakeable foundation for life.  What I discovered recently, while conducting a guided fear inventory of myself, was an unnoticed and yet, a grand fear.  The fear of being alone.

I then asked myself, what is it then I am afraid of not getting or afraid of losing?  Here’s the list:

  • My relationship with my girlfriend

  • My parents

  • My dog

  • Not finding the right person to partner w/ in business

  • Close friends

  • Spiritually Alone

This fear of being alone may not surprise you. For you may share this same fear as I do.  For me, this uncovering has been a soft shock and completely flummoxed me.  I can’t stop thinking about it. And yet somehow, I am grateful it showed up.  Because now, I get to go to work on it.

But even going to work on this fear has me scared because, ultimately, I know nothing.  Yet, I often wear this "know-it-all" mask because I want people to think well of me; to praise me for how I live my life and for the wisdom I part onto others.  

Today, I am here to share that I too am on this journey of self-discovery and learning how to live my life more from a place of love, hope and possibility.  Today, I am here to share a mantra I wrote to help me connect to that unshakable foundation for living my life.  A creative visualization of how it looks and feels when I stop and look my fears in the face and make the conscious choice to show up from a place of love, hope and possibility.

Right Here, Right Now, is a new moment.

It’s everything all the time.

I pause...Breathe In. Breathe out. I center myself and ask for my heart to open.

I move with confidence and clarity, as I am a disciple of oneself.

I take time to be grateful and I choose to dare greatly each and every day.

I take deep breaths, realize the nature of things, it’s beauty and it’s never-ending evolution.

I am patient.

I am flexible.

I am trust.

I am joy.

I am love.

I am attuned to the the vision of my heart.

And no matter what. I am never alone. Support and Belonging are right up the way.