The Grateful Heart

Stop.  Look.  Feel.  Breathe in...pause.  Exhale...slide into the depths of the aware.  Just notice.  Living in that in-between of what we call our physical self and that what we call our soul exists THIS energy.  A life force; a surging gift to this very moment.  Here, it beats for you.  

Today you might be some distant traveler.  Or today, you might be a member to that which is greater.  Either way, it beats for you.  From the bone and from the soul:  I am grateful for…

Sometimes the practice is hidden; lost for days, months, even years.  Sometimes the practice is so clear, so near, it simply rests right there in front of you.  No matter.  It still beats for you.  With my flesh and my blood:  I am grateful for…

Love lost.  Love found.  Love empty.  Love abound.  In all the days when the world turns to the upside down.  In all the days in that which we seek is found.  It always beats for you.  From the heart of my heart:  I am grateful for...

Thanksgiving is my favorite of the major holidays.  It’s a time of just that, giving thanks and taking considerable stock of what I’m truly grateful for in my life.  For me, gratitude is the sunlight of my spirit.  It’s not only my rock, my foundation, but also my ten-thousand foot mountain top view.  It’s what keeps me present in body, mind and spirit yet I’m always learning how to live more fully in gratitude. On top of all this gratitude, Thanksgiving also boasts the best of holiday cuisine, capitalizing on the bounties of the late autumn harvests.  

Every Thanksgiving, I take time to compose a list of what I’m grateful for in my life.  I do my best to take in the big universal view as well as all of the microcosmic grateful happenings.  If you were to look at my list for this year it would look a little like this:  


I am grateful for my continued good health and well-being

I am grateful for the earth producing oxygen for all of it’s inhabitants to breathe

I am grateful for the sun and how it gives life to countless beings

I am grateful for love, hope and possibility showing up regularly in my life

I am grateful for the courage I found to officially begin my new venture, Wyld Joy

I am grateful for my sobriety and how it helps me pay attention to what has heart and meaning.

I am grateful for my courageous, enchanting and playful relationship with my girlfriend, Julia.


If you have never done this before (or lost practice with it), I strongly encourage you to try this exercise out.  Always start with writing down “I am grateful for…” before every entry.  My hope is that you will be amazed with what is truly present in your life and connect to the real purpose of why we honor and celebrate this day.