My Confident Self

Ever since I was young I've told myself "I'm not good enough."


Ever since I was young, I was always too small and never quite smart enough.  My soccer coach, and best friend's dad, told me I would always have to work harder, be more disciplined, be more daring when everyone else didn't seem to have to.  I think he told me this because he too, was exactly like me when he was young.

I'm not here to tell you I have completely exorcised my demons.  And I'm not saying that I've completely overcome this core belief and perception of myself.  I'm imperfectly, perfect.  What I can say is that a shift away from this perception is possible because I've experienced it.  I never won a gold medal (or any medal at all) or even any kind of championship.  In fact, I've probably failed more times that I have succeeded.

And yet, I am still here.  Breathing.  Living.  Present in my life.

Failure is my greatest teacher, for it has taught me how to surrender.  To accept the things I can't change and control the things I can.  Because I fail, I've committed my life to a never-ending journey of practice, learning and taking risks.  Because I fail, I've learned the all empowering gift of gratitude discovered what truly matter most in my life:  to live my life more from a place of love, hope and possibility.  By living this way, living on this never-ending journey, this master's path, it will never, ever let me down.  In success and in failure.  And ever since I was young, to small and never quite smart enough, I told myself I would never, never, give up.

My name is Nicholas Knutzen.  I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I use my journey and experience to inspire others to bring vision, leadership and joy of the heart.  I am a personal mastery and vision coach for men.  I'm also a chef, a boyfriend, dog-owner, cross-fitter, son, brother, uncle and poet.  

I look forward to listening to your story someday, with curiosity and a heart aroused.