My Essential Tool

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“What is present?”


“What is missing?”


These two questions have changed my life in a profound and fundamental way.  What I believe and what I have been taught is that these questions are at the heart of well-being.  Well-being of self, relationships, career, of purpose, etc. There is no right or wrong formula for well-being, just as we are all individually unique, so is our own personal definition and criteria of well-being.  

For me, well-being is centered around physical/mental health, intimate relationship w/ my partner, meaningful work, finances, purpose and friendships.  They are all individual pursuits and practices, yet are all interdependent and interconnected.

Let me take a step back here and provide a bigger picture of what it is I’m truly talking about.  What I’m describing in this present/missing conversation is one stage of a holistic communications tool called The Mobius Model.  The Mobius Model is a coaching tool used for transforming conflict into opportunity and for harnessing the creative power in individuals, groups and organizations.  Thus, this is why it is my most essential tool as a personal mastery and vision coach. It helps turn conflict into opportunity and uses the power of creativity to do so.

The unique feature and characteristic of the Mobius Model (it’s name is taken from the geometric form that has a continuous surface which moves from inside to outside, and back inside without interruption) is creative dialogue.  The goal of this creative dialogue is establishing compatibility between inner, creative thoughts (heart) and outer, more rational thought (mind). Essentially, this is both an inward and outward conversation and journey.

But it all begins with what is present and what is missing.  This is the “Assessment Stage” of The Mobius Model. By asking these questions we are able to recognize and celebrates areas of our life that support our well-being.  And with the simple phrasing of “what is missing”, it leaves the blame and judgements out of those areas causing conflict in our well-being. Instead, we apply a dose of curiosity and learning.  

It is by applying these two simple questions, I am able to assess my state of well-being.  The goal being, that I want to come to a common understanding of the situation. Once I arrive to a common understanding, I am able to move to the next stage of “Possibility.”  More on “Possibility” in a future post.

If you are curious to know more about what is present and what is missing in your life, as it relates to your well-being, I invite you to book a free twenty minute “Assessment Call” with yours truly.   In that call we will share a creative dialogue, seeking compatibility with our inner and outer thoughts, and come out the other end with more clarity around how you define well-being in your life.  You will also know and recognize what is present that supports your well-being, and what is missing, that if more present, would contribute more to your well-being.

With kindness,