Movement and Mastery Classes


Using components of the Mastery Method, developed by CrossFit Los Angeles in Santa Monica, we utilize special programing known as “context coaching.”  Our classes are specially designed for participants to engage in movement within the contexts of practice, mental toughness and play.  Each class will highlight one of these three contexts and will be uniquely programmed and coached, as we move and engage in movement and breath work.  

Join us every Sunday at 2PM for a public donation-based Wyld Joy fitness class hosted at crossfit st. paul. 

Join the Wyld Joy Community on Facebook to make sure you receive updates about location change or cancellations.

Private group classes can be arranged to be held on-site at your location.  Off-site locations are also an option.  Please contact Nick below to learn more.  Classes are suitable and achievable for any and all fitness levels!

We invite your curiosity to learn more and explore how we can contribute to your group or organization.

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Sample Classes

Don't worry if the below seems unfamiliar or even intimidating. I explain, coach and demonstrate each class in great detail and tailor a format specifically for your group.