Essential Mastery Coaching

Claiming the power within, from the      hearts of men.



What does the work look like?

BELIEF ONE: there exists a need for strong creative male support

I want to challenge men to look deeper in their relationships, health and being a better leader in their respective lives and the role as a male. Essentially I will serve as a guide, coach and mentor for men to make conscious choices that support their leadership, vision and daily performance.

BELIEF TWO: valuable areas of our lives need mastery of essentialism

Creative support for men and persons challenging themselves. Guidance in making conscious choices in the lives of men. I am the individual who invests in listening closely and who invites engaging and meaningful conversations into your life. I show up curious and will be the one who asks the challenging question(s).

BELIEF THREE: we don’t have to do this alone

Surrendering to the wisdom and power of something greater than ourselves. Surrendering to the ways and methods of a teacher or demands of a discipline. Courage is measured not by might, force or sheer willpower. It is measured by our willingness to surrender. For us, there are no experts, just learners. We will constantly explore how we can contribute to each other.