Foundations of Mastery Program

Claiming the power within, from the      hearts of men.


This six session Foundations of Mastery Program is designed to help build essential practices for self-awareness, emotional intelligence, connection and resiliency in your life.  My role as your coach is to listen to you on a deep level, to support you and to collaborate with you to successfully navigate your growth and transitions. my mission is to

Coaching sessions last seventy-five minutes and can be conducted in-person or virtually.


Introduction:  Free “Purpose Power play” coaching session (book yours here)

  • Establish a powerful new set of core values that transcend your”self”

  • Determine what goals matter most to you in this world

  • Discover a renewed energy of self, motivated by something greater than your”self”

  • A “next step” action plan for discovering and harnessing your very own purpose statement

Phase 1:  Crafting Purpose & Vision for Your Life

  • Prework:  write personal eulogy

  • Deep dive into your story and craft personal purpose statement  

Phase 2:   applying the Mobius model

  • Assess what is already present in your life that supports living out of purpose/vision

  • Assess what is missing that if were present, would support you in living more from a place of purpose & vision

  • Compose list of specific Objective & Subjective Conditions of Satisfaction for each missing piece

Phase 3:  Possibility & Commitment

  • Prework:  Read “Immunity to Change” by Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey

  • Invite others (significant others, partners, friends) to hold commitment to this work

  • Mind Map:  create a connection ritual to your vision and purpose

Phase 4:  ‘Field Trip’ Experience

  • Examples:

    • Practicing Gratitude: Invite gratitude as a resource to create an understanding that guides us to service, love and being alive

    • Utilizing the Four-Fold Way:  Identifying and connecting to your inner warrior, visionary, teacher and healer

    • Loving What Is: Explore judgements and the whole idea of safety/security, i.e. vulnerability cycle and trusting other people

    • Developing Kitchen Mastery: Exploring the essential art and skills of kitchen mastery

    • Connecting to the Physical Body:  By discovering your body, you can discover your soul

    • Learning Meditation Basics:  Using breath, focus and discipline to improve state and emotional connection

Phase 5:  Ability & Responsibility

  • Develop Action Plan:  Utilize both Strategic & Creative Approaches

  • Responsibility:  Who is going to do what, by when

  • Establish “creative processes” for accountability

Phase 6:  Evaluation & Next Steps

  • Celebrate progress towards possibility (present) and work through difficulties (missing)

  • Explore vision and possibilities map of 6 months, 1 year, 5 years

  • Identify daily core connection practices

  • New Potentials Purpose & Vision Mind Map