individual coaching


We believe that a strong body is the gateway to having a strong heart.  The journey to a strong body and strong heart begins by becoming your own warrior.  Our definition originates from Angeles Arrien.  A warrior is defined as someone who is present, physically, mentally and spiritually.  


You can work with us individually in the way that will best support your living in sobriety. We offer coaching in movement and nutrition, as well as our revolutionary approach to whole-person coaching in sobriety, "Wyld Joy Visionary". 

Wyld Joy Movement

  • Move as if your life depends on it.  Because it does.  Using the “Context Coaching Method” described in Movement & Mastery Classes we meet on an individual basis with a primary focus on breathwork, functional movements and balance.  

Wyld Joy Nutrition

  • What we eat determines how we show up and perform in our day-to-day lives.  Here I will guide individuals into understanding their motivation and goals for improving or enhancing habits of nutrition.  Our work together will include recipe development, menu planning and support to build a nutrition plan that helps you thrive.  

Wyld Joy Visionary

  • How can we contribute to your aliveness?  Here we look at the whole being, including movement, nutrition and beyond.  On the "Visionary" course we begin to discover what your purpose for being on this earth truly is.  Using a tailored communications tool, we will assess the six components of The Wyld Joy Model by looking at what is present that supports well-being, vision and purpose.  We also assess what is missing, that if present, would contribute to your vision of joy, courage and aliveness.  

We invite your curiosity by inquiring below to set up a FREE introductory session.  Why free?  We believe it is essential to establish a rapport with the individuals we work with.  We do that first by sharing our stories and exploring where we want to go together by connecting to the heart of our purpose here at Wyld Joy: contributing to one's courage, joy and aliveness.    

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