Wyld Joy is a coaching and mentoring organization for men.  I use my own personal journey of being a man in this time and age to establish trust. I help you see the payoffs to take risks of learning and growing and ultimately I help guide you in making conscious choices that lead you to the end results you want.  


VISION:  To cultivate a daring community, devoted to changing the course of what it means to be a man in this time and age.



Belonging, unconditional acceptance

Telling our truth without blame or judgment*

Showing up and choosing to be present*

Paying attention to what has heart and meaning*

Staying open to outcome, but not attached to outcome*

Passion for learning / curiosity

Listening closely

*Indicates language adopted from Angeles Arrien and her work with The Four Fold Way

MISSION:  challenge men by searching inward  to claim true, internal power


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