Purpose:  Discover and develop your purpose in life and how it connects to self-care, meaningful work and your relationship to self and others. A crucial part of this includes understanding your ego.

Self-Care:  We believe that in discovering your body, you discover your soul. Explore and develop healthy practices of mindful movement, eating nourishing food, and fulfilling essential needs like breathing, sleeping and playing. 

Relationships:  Develop skills, practices and the capacity to live your life more from a place of love, hope and possibility rather than fear. Ultimately, by living from a place of love we live more courageously and intimately with others.  

Mastery:  Developed by a famous Aikido Master, George Leonard, we will develop and learn to utilize the five essential principles of Mastery in our everyday lives:

  • Love What You Do

  • Practice

  • Seek Guidance

  • Creative Visualization

  • Play The Edge

Creative Living: Inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert, and her book “Big Magic”, we will learn and practice the five components to living life creatively:

  • Enchantment

  • Permission

  • Courage

  • Trust

  • Persistance

Community:  Cultivate a place, a group of people, a way of being, where there is a strong sense of belonging and acceptance and where you share values with those you are engaging with.